Being a mom to 2 sets of twins is stressful! There were days when they were small that I just did not think that I would ever sleep again! When my boys were born my girls were only 3. It was sometimes pure chaos! There were plenty of tears…. from the babies… and from me! Thankfully, we had a lot of help. When my girls were born, my mother basically lived with us from Monday – Friday. She would then go home for the weekend, and come back. She was their sitter until they were 2 years old. My mother-in-law also chipped in quite a bit.

When my boys were born it was a bit more hectic. As mentioned the girls were only 3. Right after the boys were born we temporarily moved in with my mother while waiting on our new house. Our current one sold after being listed for only a week! Having two 3-year olds and two newborns is not for the faint of heart. Whew! I’m sure other twin parents can relate to the feeling of helplessness, exhaustion and confusion. YAWN!!

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When I saw this commercial it struck a cord! Soooo many days I would like to do this! I just LOVE this commercial. It went off the air long ago. I’m so glad that it still has a home on YouTube. I’m sure many, many parents have felt this way.  And after-all, what are grandparents for? 🙂


UPDATE: This post is originally almost 11 years old! I was in the midst of toddler and baby mom madness! But now? My kids are older, striving, and making me proud every day! Check out the below post for updates.

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