I think I have mentioned on here before that I have a group of close friends that I met on the internet on a message board for miscarriage support. So many real friendships have sprouted from that. So, in November of 2006 we lost one member tragically. I blogged about it here. Well in November 2007 we lost another member to cancer. 2 lives taken so young with very, very young children left behind.  These events were devastating for us all, but somehow brought us closer together. We have another member who is currently battling breast cancer. She wanted those of us that she has become close to, to come and spend some quality time with her. We did that this past weekend.

It was soooo awesome! I really had a great time. I have known most of those girls for around 8 years, and have gotten together with a few of them before. A couple of them it was my first time meeting in person.

The first night we stayed up until after 4:00 talking, dancing and drinking wine. One of us in getting married in Miami in June, so we showed all the white chicks the dances that they will have to do at the wedding (Cupid Shuffle, and Cha Cha slide. LOL!!) Then on Saturday morning we went shopping in Atlantic Station and had lunch. We went back to the townhouse and we all took naps. Then a few of us piled in bed together and told silly stories about penises! LOL.

Saturday night we had reservations at a Moroccan restaurant. We sat on the floor, ate with our hands and watched belly dancing! One of our ladies even participated because she used to belly dance. We stayed too long, ate too much and had too much “Happy Juice”! Then we were off to the Grand Hyatt to listen to a Jazz band for a bit. We went back to the townhouse, snacked and stayed up talking for a bit, but nowhere near as late as the first night!

Sunday morning one of the girls had to catch a flight, so we said goodbye to her, then the rest of us had breakfast together. Then 2 more ladies headed home for their drive to Memphis. The rest of us headed over to my friends BEAUTIFUL huge house in the ATL burbs. A couple of the ladies scooped up their kids that were in the area, and we spent all day playing with them, eating, watching football, nodding on the couch, and talking. And made Laka (my friend with breast cancer) take a nap.

She seems to be doing ok and says that just having all of us there with her actually made her physically feel better. Before we split up on Sunday morning, we all prayed together and cried together and hugged, and hugged! We talked about her, the members that we have lost, and our miracle baby. We have one baby on our board that has a rare disease which name escapes me right now, but she had a transplant last year. She is now 2 and she is doing soooo well when most other kids with her condition have not made it.

We shared clothes, we made up each others faces and shared jewelry. It was sooo wonderful! It was just like getting together with my sisters that I have not seen in a while or something. Smile

It was hysterical to me though. We got 1″ of snow there on Saturday and they shut down everything! canceled the MLK parade, canceled all church services. They were even canceling school and school was not until Tuesday!! That was sooo funny.


UPDATE: Our friend, Maleikka, passed away only a few months after our visit.