Yes, I am late jumping into this discussion, but hey, I’ve been busy!

I had the joy of testing out a first generation iPhone with the 2.0 beta software on it over the past few months through my job. It was quite interesting. Since the 3g version came out on July 11, I was lucky and got to trade it in for a new one. And I must say, this thing is pretty darn sweet!

As you know if you read my blog, I am a phone junky. I have gone through several over the past few years, some as part of my job testing, some personally because I just love gadgets. My most recent phone before this one was the ATT Tilt, which I still keep in my purse as a backup. I still LOVE that fun, but I have to admit that since the new iPhone came out, I have left the battery on the 3g die, and I have only touched it once!

Now as all iPhone users probably know, there are still a few shortcomings on the iPhone, but so far I have been dealing with them. My want list includes:

  • MMS Messaging (yes, I know about the workarounds, but it is still stupid as he** that the phone does not have it, and don’t tell me that MMS is not needed, or that “maybe apple is rewritting mms even better, or that most people use email these days, cause it is still not right!) – more on that later
  • The ability to forward an SMS
  • Copy and paste
  • A few camera options
  • Video camera

Now, ALL of the above have been covered by either jailbreaking your phone (first generation, that stuff is not yet on the 3g), or installing apps from the App store. But really??? If it’s a smart phone and the “most technologically advanced phone ever it should have that stuff. Yes, I am complaining, but I still love it.