My girls start Kindergarten on August 25. i cannot believe it!! They are going to big girl school. 🙂 I don’t think they will have any adjustment issues. They have been in a school environment (daycare) since they were 2.5. Their grandmother asked me to list the school supplies that they need on my site so all the grandparents can look them up and contribute, so here they are. If you purchase something, just let me know and i will cross if off the list. This is all x2 since both girls need it, so I am putting the quantity needed in ( ) next to the item.

  1. (2) Book bag (Without rollers) – yes, they need new one. I saw some great, cheap ones at Walmart.
  2. (4 total) 2 two-pocket folders (plastic)
  3. (4 total) 2 packs of Jumbo crayons (8-color pack)
  4. (2 packs) Jumbo markers (8-color pack)
  5. (2 packs) Jumbo pencils
  6. (2 packs) 1 pack of Expo Markers (these are the ones for writing on white boards)
  7. (4 total) 2 pink erasers
  8. (2 total) Blunt Metal scissors
  9. (4 total) bottles of white school glue
  10. (4 total) 2 pencil boxes
  11. (8 total) 4 boxes of facial tissue
  12. (4 total) 2 rolls of paper towels
  13. (4 total) 2 boxes of baby wipes
  14. (4 total) 2 large bottles of hand sanitizer gel
  15. (2 total) 1 bottle of liquid hand soap
  16. (2 total) 1 container of clorox wipes
  17. (2 total) bath towels – for rest time
  18. (2 each) Ziploc bags – snack size, quart size, 1 gallon size, 2 gallon size
  19. (2 each) – pack of paper plates and cups
  20. (2 total) – 2 composition notebooks

Now that is the list of supplies that they have to take to school!  Yes, that is a lot of stuff! They have a seperate list for stuff that should be at home, but we have that covered. 🙂