I was just about to put the laptop down and go to bed, but then the flashy thingy that WordPress 2.7 is available caught my attention, I read a bit about it and I cannot resist doing it right now!!

I will probably get started now and finish up tomorrow by reinstating some of my plugins that have been missing for a while (if they work!) and possibly updating my theme. I have been using this theme forever. It has served me well, now I am ready for a little more pizazz. If you look at my other 2 blogging sites, doubletwinz.com and caincreative.biz you will see that I love pics and collages, etc. There are non on this site! I need to fix that. 

And I would really like my Sharethis and Popularity contest to work right again!

Okay, it’s 10:03 CST, this means I will end up sitting here playing with my site until midnight. I will try for only 11! 🙂