On the iTunes store, one of the comments under Reviews says “OMG, hell has frozen over.” LOL!!!  Well, first… the name of the app is “Seadragon Mobile”. Oooooo kkkkk. I think the name of an app should reflect what it does, but umm whatever!

So what does it do?? Well, it doesn’t do much. It browses pics, that’s it. That’s the end of it. Basically, it’s pointless. There were already hundreds if not more of photography apps in the appstore, so their first attempt at an app is really, really unimpressive. It’s not even worth a full review, but I’ll at least describe a bit.

You open the app, you are prompted with categories: Art, History, Maps, Photos, Photosynth, Space, and Technology & Web.  Choose a category and browse the photos. That’s about it.

I think I will uninstall this today. 🙂