As you can see by the tools in the sidebar at the right, I have started using Twitter. I have heard about it forever, but at first didn’t see the point, so I never checked it out. I just finally signed up a few days ago and have started posting “tweets”. It’s a quick way to get small chunks of info out to your friends, family, or “followers”. And thanks to some smart folks who have written good plugins, it integrates well into WordPress. It’s great for bringing traffic to your blog.

I have tested out Twitter Tools by Alex King. It is a great plugin, but there appears to be a major bug in it causing it to just stop posting tweets when you post new blog posts. Several users are having the issue with the newest version and have downgraded to previous versions. I just turned off that function and am just using it to post my Twitter tweets to my sidebar here and on

For the other part, posting my blog posts to Twitter, I am using Twitme. It had issues at first too with consistency, but the author has released a new version that seems to fix the problem.

Are you all tweeting? If not, check it out, and follow me at