I was out shopping earlier and noticed at around noon that my iPhone had no service. I turned it off and on, restarted it, etc. to no avail. Once I got home i hopped on the web and saw other complaints about the same in the ATT forum.  My service just came back on at around 3:00 pm. Some are saying it is due to weather. Could be, but that would be strange since it hasn’t rained since some time last night. Yes, there are flooding problems though.

I’m sure we will soon have an official word on what happened.

Funny thing is that while out today I found someone else’s phone (Verizon) in the Walmart parking lot. I was certain because of where it was laying that it belonged to whomever was driving the car next to me, so I went through quite a bit to do the good samaritan thing and return it. I took it to the service desk, had them page the person, then left a note on their car. Then I hop in the car and find that my own phone is not working. LOL!!