As I sit here thinking about the year ahead, I am SO happy to move on. I know it’s cliche to make resolutions, and actually plan to keep them, but I really do. LOL! I have to. Things can only go up from here. I need to stop procrastinating and get things done! That includes all aspects of my life.

The key is to not make unrealistic resolutions that you probably cannot keep. They have to be very realistic goals that you actually WANT to keep easily. And be specific so when you meet your goal you feel even more accomplished.  So here is my list of resolutions for 2009. Feel free to share some of yours in the comments!

1. Pay off 2-3 bills in the next 6 months.

2. Lose 5 lbs/3 inches of twin fat around the waist.

3. Push my photo greeting card business.

4. Clear my basement of unwanted, still packed stuff that has been there since we moved in over 2 years ago!

5. Paint/Decorate my kids rooms.

6. Be a better morning person!