I used to be a Vonage customer. I LOVED Vonage. The only reason that I left is because my home alarm system was not working right with Vonage at all. Any time I would use my keychain remote to set “Away” it would trigger a fire alarm and the fire department would show up at my house minutes after we left. Yeah, it was quite annoying and they were threatening to give me a ticket the next time. That is a whole different post about my anger towards Monitronics. DO NOT USE THEM FOR YOUR ALARM SYSTEM!!

So, at first I had only a basic ATT phone line just for the alarm which was like $12 a month. Plus I had Vonage and a fax line that was rarely used. Comcast offered me some great Triple Play deal, so i reluctantly gave up Vonage and switched to Comcast.

The Comcast online voicemail system SUCKS!! You cannot select more than one voicemail for deletion. You have to click on each one, then a “Play” window pops up. You have to then close that, then click on the drop down and delete. On each and every message! This can be quite annoying if you are one of those folks that lets voicemails pile up like I do because they are unknown numbers, bill collectors, or because you missed a call and just call back and ask the person what they wanted.

So, they have this new Smartzone version of the website out that is supposed to fix all the the shortcomings, and supposedly they are upgrading customers now. I have been waiting for months since I heard about it. What is taking so long??