In the comments of my posts titled “Comcast’s DVC is driving me nuts!!” I received a comment from Mark Casem, of the National Operations Team at Comcast. My initial thought was “what the??…. do they have an alert system with a flashing read light on it that tells them every time a blogger posts a complaint about Comcast??” Apparently they do! Because surely they don’t know about my blog.  A check of my Statcounter stats shows that they found me by Googling for “comcast smartzone sucks” last night. HA! A search of the web brought up several others posts from people that had received comments and emails from Mark and his buddies at Comcast. They have a team who’s job it is to monitor the net for complaints, to address them, and to get them fixed. If you think about it, that is pretty damn smart! Where do internet addicts go first to complain or find info? To the web. And bloggers vent on their blogs. That is the perfect way to find out if your customers are happy or not. I found this article linked on someone else’s blog.

I have been with Comcast for quite a long time for cable TV and internet. I have had no major problems from the service, and it’s quite fast. I said in my comment on that article that I am waiting for ATT Uverse to be available in my area. But, not because Comcast sucks. The shiny new features of Uverse just really make me want it!! Record on one DVR and watch on another?? Program your DVR from the internet or your phone? And more. I am a tech junkie. I must have it!! I live by my DVR.

Now, if Comcast pops up with the promise of those features tomorrow, I would surely stick with them. I have been pretty dedicated except for the phone service cause I never use my home phone that much anyway.

I am going to write back to Dear Mark and thank him for caring. 🙂

So, if you want to talk to Mark grab his info from the comment on that post. AND, if you use Twitter, you can find the team at @comcastcares.