Virtual Clone Drive is a utility for mounting ISOs on Windows. It eliminates the need to burn an ISO to CD or DVD to install it.

Version is the latest stable version. But this version is very unstable on Windows 7. It does not open the ISO at all, and I have read reports of computers running it not waking up from sleep mode. Also, when I tried to install it, I  could not. It just froze at “Setting Restore Point” and I had to end that via Task Manager.

If you are having this issue, you might need to first boot into Safe Mode. Then open Device Manager, and remove the “Virtual Clone Drive” driver under Storage Controllers which probably has a yellow exclamation point on it. Next go to Add/Remove Programs and unintall the program.

Reboot your machine, download the latest beta version and you should be ok.

This is very useful for loading up programs on a computer without a CD/DVD drive like my little Acer Aspire One.