I don’t really know what to say. Either way someone is going to be offended I’m sure. But umm… what was she thinking?? What was that fertility doctor thinking?? I finally forced myself to read the full story yesterday. WOW! So her first 6 kids were all conceived via IVF. The octuplet’s were conceived via IVF. The doctors *claim* that they did not implant that many and they split. That IS highly possible. I wonder how many were really implanted.

I totally understand loving motherhood, pregnancy, loving your chidren, but again I say WOW!!! I have 4. I can barely afford them. This girl is living with her mother, unmarried and unemployed. Now, I will say that I am impressed by all the accounts that she is an excellent mother. AND I am really impressed by the fact that she has a degree in child and adolescent development from California State University and she was pursuing her Master’s. So even with that many kids she was trying to better herself. I think that is awesome. But, I also think if she wanted more kids she should have waited. She is still very young and there was plenty of time. Oh well,  To each her own though right?  What do you think?