I realized that I am all over the place on Twitter. I seem to follow by category.  I am not into any one thing, but not just random either. So this seems to be my breakdown of people that I follow:

1. The Mommies

2. The Twin Parents (us Twin parents gotta stick together)

3. The iPhone users (Because yes, I am an iPhone geek)

4. The WordPress users (I am a WordPress Geek too!)

5. The SEO folks (I can always learn something!)

6. The #Lost fans

7. The #BSG fans

8. The Chicago crowd

9. The Techy folks (Beware, if you have “Geek”, “Tech” or “Gadget” in our username, I am likely to follow you. 🙂 )

10. The #Fringe fans

I am betting if I think about it, I can probably come up with a couple more, but I think i got them all.

What are your categories? Are you just a random follower? Or is there a method to your madness?