It never fails. Each week as I tweet away with other Lost fans or BSG fans, I soon see a tweet fly by that says something like “Nooooo I see BSG spoilers” from someone that has not seen the show yet. Well I have only been on Twitter for a couple of months, but I quickly figured out that if one of those shows is on someone will be tweeting about it! Just this morning after I had already started this post, a coworker told me “I had to unfollow you on Friday. I had not seen BSG yet and I could not take the spoilers.” LOL!

Well if you are a fan of one of the popular tweet shows, you can use Tweetdeck. Tweetdeck includes the option to filter out a search term. In your Tweetdeck window in the “All Friends” column click the first button at the button. When you hover over it, it will say “Filter Tweets in this column”. Click the little down arrow next to the (+) and change it to a (-). Now enter #bsg, or #lost, or whatever it is you would like to ignore for the time being. The tweets with that text in them will immediately disappear. And that box stays on your display so once you decide it’s safe you can hit the X to close it and see all Tweets again.


I am not too familiar with the other desktop Twitter clients, but I am betting some of them have similar functionality. If you know, please post a comment.

AND if you tweet about shows while they are on, please be sure to append the appropiate hashtag at the end so that others can filter them if they want. And lastly, if you are wondering what the heck this post is about and don’t know what hashtags or Twitter parties are please see Twitter Parties & Hashtags.