I gave in, got rid of my work Exchange syncing, set up my work email via IMAP and setup my Google account to sync with my iPhone. You see, I don’t really have an appointment intensive job. I have only a couple of meetings a week and when they hit, I am at my desk at work anyway and get reminded by my Macbook. What I really need to be reminded of are photography jobs, appointments with clients, appointments having to do with my kids, and other personal appointments. If you read my Type-A Mom article, you will know that I love my Google calender.

Setup was very easy. It is setup just like any other Exchange account. The only real thing to remember which Google points out in their instructions is that email syncing is currently not supported so be sure to set that slider to off.

I love that I can view all my calendars overlapped on each other and color-coded or view just one calender at a time.


1. Of course the iPhone only supports one exchange connection, so if you have more than one you have to choose which is more important to you like I did.

2. There is still the limitation that you can create appointments on the iPhone, but not meetings. In other words, you cannot invite anyone to an appt. that was created on your iPhone. But if you just want to get the meeting on your calendar so that you don’t forget, do that and then edit it via the web (you CAN do meetings via the mobile web app on your phone) or when you get to your desk.