If you are on the go alot, and you use social media, chances are you want to keep up with it while out, while on the train, waiting at the bus stop, or just bored! These are the apps that I use that get the job done for me:

1. Facebook Mobile: Available in the App Store. The interface is easy to use and fast. Actually I think I like it better than the new Facebook they just released in the past few days. Ick! Anyway, you can few feeds, status updates, photos, links, notes, etc. You can update your own Profile photo, or upload new photos. Mail is supported and Facebook chat even works!

2. Myspace Mobile: Available in the App Store. Works pretty much like the Facebook one. Keep up with your friends, statuses, comments, etc.

3. Tweetie ($2.99): This is by far the best Twitter app for iPhone. I had used TwitterFon for months which is free, but Tweetie has a few more functions. There are tabs for “Tweets” which is to view all tweets from your friends, “@Replies” for replies to yourself, “Messages” for your Direct Messages, “Favorites” for your Favorite Tweets and “More”. More is where Tweetie goes one step beyond other Twitter clients. Here you can view your own profile, search for nearby tweeters, view current trends, search Twitter, and my favorite view saved searches. Here I keep the hashtags that I follow. Tweetie also allows you to Follow/Unfollow, DM, and more.

4. IM+ Lite (Free)/IM+ Full ($5.99 on sale now): IM+ let’s you add AOL, Yahoo!, MSN, Google Talk,  Jabber, ICQ, and Myspace chat to your phone all in one app. It works very well and the interface is easy to use. There is a Full version that includes support for sending pictures as well as other features. The free version is fine for my needs. But of course it will not keep you lougged in if you close the app (an iPhone limitation).

5. PixelPipe: PixelPipe allows you to upload several photos at one time from your cell phone to almost any social networking site, blog site, or photo hosting service that you can think of. I was pleasantly surprised to see that it supports Gallery by Menalto which is what I use on my self-hosted blogs. Setup is easy although you do need a PixelPipe account and uploading it fast.

There are numerous other apps out there, but these are what I use.