iphone_homeIt is finally coming to the iPhone on September 25. But honestly, I will believe it when i see it. it will be just in time too! I will be at the Type-A Mom Conference during that time and it will give me a chance to test out sending pics and videos around.

I guess this means that ATT has quietly been upping their network power. I sure hope so anyway! Service lately has not been all that great. It’s quite a pain.

The iPhone 3.1 update was released a couple of days ago and included the buttons, etc. to make MMS possible.  Now all we need to do is wait.

I still wonder if they are going to just flip the switch for everyone at the same exact moment, or do it gradually. Gradually would be better, but that does not seem to be what they are going for.

At any rate, i for one will be happy when this finally occurs so that i can use it, and so I can stop hearing people (including myself) complain about that fact that it is missing!