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As anyone who reads Type-A Mom knows, I love new gadgets. I also have a fetish for USB Flash Drives. So, when I saw this adorable little Mimoco Gigglebyte, I fell in love with it. I have a few USB flash drives already. But this one is fun, cute, and functional with some cool extra features.

gigglebyteMimoco Gigglebyte Pros

The Gigglebyte is easy to use and fun. It is completely plug and play and works with both Mac and PC. It includes a few extra features that I have not seen before in a USB Flash drive, including sound bytes to let you customize the sound that your computer makes when you plug in the drive. It also includes wallpaper for your desktop. Copying files to and from the drive is fast and simple. The drive also comes with a “jacket”. It’s a cute little zip up cover with a clip on it for clipping to your bag, belt, pocket, or keychain.

Mimoco Gigglebyte Cons

This product is very cute, almost too cute. I have kids and I could totally see them mistaking it for a toy and running off with it in the house never to be seen by me again! Also the price is a bit steep for the size of the drives. A 2GB drive goes for $24.95 where a plain non-designer drive of the same size can be found now for as little as $9.99. You are totally paying for the design of the product.

Mimoco Gigglebyte Description

Gigglebyte is a member of the MIMOBOT Core Series 2 designer USB flash drives, designed for Mimoco by Dino Alberto in a limited edition of 2,000 units. Pick one up today and, in addition to the Core Series 2 animations, games and more, you’ll get the premiere issue of mimoco’s mimoZineā„¢ Digital Magazine, featuring music by Art Brut, comedy by Poykpac, and a rare interview with toy bootlegger Sucklord.

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