… was a success! Yes, I am a few days late on this post. I am still recovering! We got the kids costumes squared away on Wednesday! Yes, I know, I know… I was busy, ok? 🙂 The boys went trick or treating with their school on Friday morning in the buildings around campus. They each had a bag FULL of candy. It sounded like they REALLY enjoyed it. Although, Kristopher did not wear the costume that I got for him while at school. Instead he wore an outfit put together from their dress-up trunk. He was a letter carrier. LOL! 🙂 But he did wear his purchased costume on Saturday and he was adorable as you will see below. He even insisted on sleeping in his costume (minus the mustache). I should have taken a picture of that.

We went trick or treating very briefly on our block because it was about 42 degrees out! Lots of folks were not home anyway. It was enough for me and the kids. We wore out fast. They loved it.