pgi0128A few weeks ago it seemed like I started getting a LOT more spam that I usually do. I have been watching this morning and every 5 minutes or so I have another 5-10 spam messages. That is insane!

And to make things even worse, to combat this Google must have upped the power on their spam filters so now I also have a lot more legitimate mail making it to the spam folder than I did before. I used to not pay any attention to that folder, now I have to watch it constantly to make sure that I am not missing important messages. Mailing lists and even mail from friends that used to hit my inbox just fine are now in the spam folder.

It is driving me nuts! It would be nice if users actually had the ability to edit more of the spam filter functions. Sure, we can mark a message as Spam/Not Spam and add an address to contacts to keep it from going there, but a slider to adjust how strict we want it to be would be nice.