my_photoYesterday I spent a FUN couple of hours with the Little Debbie Street Crew. They were here in Chicago at Union Station pushing their yummy new chocolate cupcakes. I had first tried them when I spoke at the  Type-A Mom Conference where Little Debbie was a sponsor. Good stuff! I was told that it took 3 years and about 300 recipes to get it right! Well, they did. The cupcakes do not disappoint.

I forgot to take a picture of the tent (Boooo!!!!), but it was pretty cool. And it was packed full of boxes of cupcakes. I got to pass out cupcakes and talk to a few folks. It was cold so I even got to wear a Little Debbie jacket for a bit. I felt so official!

I checked out the inside of one of the cupcake cars. Very small, but also very cool. Oddly enough, the cars got more attention than the cupcakes! Folks wanted to know who made it, how much it costs, the gas mileage (which was an astounding 55 mpg on the highway!!!) Why can my kids not fit in that?? Can I get a modified SUV version with that mileage? I promise to plug the hell out of it! :D. Heck, I’ll even pass out cupcakes while I drive around!

One of the other fun things about a “job” like that is definitely people watching. Chicago? Union station? You know there are some interesting characters. 🙂 And umm… interesting conversationalists! I got hit on, stared at, and even learned one guys life story. LOL.

I received a free t-shirt, 2 boxes of cupcakes (I could have gotten away with a case but that is just way toooooo many cupcakes!) ,  some photos, and a good time. After that I was a bit worn out!

I think the tour is a great idea. They are definitely getting the word out about the new cupcakes. They are currently on a cross country tour that started in DC and is ending back in Cali. I do not remember all the spots they have hit so far. But I know that St. Louis is next, then ATL I think, and Miami, Orlando, and Tampa, then through Texas. If you want to know when the tour is coming to your area, check out the Little Debbie Cupcakes website. You can also enter to win one of the Cupcake cars!

Thank you so much Tim, Chris, Paul and the rest of the gang for having me! And you guys are commended for braving the Chicago cold in your shorts!  I was FREEZING!!!

The moral of this story is that Little Debbie Cupcakes make people happy! 🙂