family06041901eastercrI just learned late this morning on Facebook that the wonderful and funny Anissa Mayhew of Aiming Low and Free Anissa suffered a stroke yesterday afternoon and is not doing well. This is her 2nd stroke. And Anissa’s young daughter is a cancer survivor. They just celebrated her 1 year or being cancer free. The latest report from her husband is:


What we know is she had a massive stroke.

She bled into the brainstem and pons areas of the brain. She is no longer sedated but still unconcious and unresponsive. Vitals are mostly stable except for a lowgrade fever most likely due to the damage to the pons. The pons control the bodies ability to regulate temperature. She is still on a vent and it is unclear if she is capable of breathing on her own. She has had an mri/mra/ct today. An eeg is pending. We’re in a waiting game now for survival first, and ultimately for her to wake up.

(thank you The Spohrs are Multiplying) for the information.

I have had the pleasure of hanging out with Anissa during Blogher and the Type A Mom Conference. She is one funny chick. It’s always a joy to read her antics on her blog and on FB and Twitter.

I am sending my prayers to her family and I hope that you all do the same. They are accepting donations in several forms. Please see THIS POST for all the info on how you can help.

Anissa, I am sending you a huge hug and boob bump! 🙂 Love you girl!