thermometerI’m so sick of the sickies!!

Colds, flu, sickness… Oh my!! So far this winter has been brutal. When you have 4 kids, it is hard to ensure that once one gets it, the rest won’t too. And I always get it the worst out of everyone!

It all started with Jayden about 3 weeks ago. He passed it on to his brother, then to me, then Kayla, then Daddy, and even Grandma! So far Alexis has been the only one that has not gotten sick. I’m hoping that she’s immune this time!

I took them all (except Lexi) to the doctor on Tuesday evening. That day Kayla got sick at school. I was already taking the boys to the doc, so I scooped her up and took her too. By the time I picked her up, she was on fire! The docs forehead thermometer said only 100.1 but she seemed much warmer than that to me. She got some Amoxicillin. The doc declared that the boys “seemed fine” and to just watch them for the next few days. They just had a regular old cold. Well someone needs to get that through their thick little heads!! They were supposed to be on the mend, but both have had “episodes” this week that say otherwise. Kristopher even missed picture day at school. 🙁 I guess I’ll be doing his school pics myself which is fine because I need to get a good one of all the kids for Christmas cards anyway.

As for me… I have had this dang neverending cough and cold for I think 3 weeks!!! My dang doctor has been too busy for me and has wacko hours. I am trying to avoid going to the emergency room because I really don’t want to find $50 for that. I have tried 2 days this week to go see my doc. But, I really think that I just have a brutal cold and nothing more. No fever, etc. no real body aches, just an annoying cough.

I keep hoping that I wake up one morning and it’s just miraculously gone!