This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of LG Chocolate Touch. All opinions are 100% mine.

33855889-2-440-OVR-1Cell phones have changed. Gone are the day when a phone is just a phone. Now we have smart phones, camera phones, phones that offer GPS, and of course phones that play music. For an awesome music phone, check out the LG Chocolate Touch.

The LG Chocolate Touch is great fun. It is very easy to use, and the sound is GREAT!! I must admit, I was not expecting it to be this good. It has  an awesome battery life when listening to music. I don’t think I have charged it in 2 days and the battery is still full. I suspect that this would change the more the phone and internet functions are used.

The sound is so incredible because it uses Dolby® Mobile sound. This makes for very rich, clear sound that does not sound like a phone at all! It also includes the ability to change the EQ settings to match your preference. The choices are Manual, Flat, Bass Boost, Treble Boost, Vocal Boost, or Classical. The quality is as good if not better than that of a high end MP3 player.

Syncing music is  super simple using the USB cable in Sync mode. Once you switch this mode on, the phone shows up as a Portable Device in Windows Explorer and you can easily drag and drop songs to the phone. Once songs are loaded, you can manage playlist right on the phone itself. You can set it on shuffle or repeat, and even add a song to a playlist while listening to it without interrupting the music.  And for fun, you can enable some extra features such as the Rhythmical Beat which causes the phone to vibrate to the beat of the music, visual effects which displays a dancing animation on the screen, pick a song image which allows you to set your own album image, or my favorite… Join the Band. This is soooo cool. Join the Band allows you the play the virtual drums or keyboard along with your music, or on it’s own.

There is also an FM radio.  As long as you have earphones plugged in which act as the antenna and good FM reception, it sounds awesome. The one weird thing about the FM receiver is that I see no way to manually punch in a station. You have to use an awkward little slider to tune in. While listening, you can click “song id” and it will ID the sound that you are listening to, and tell you if it is available for download.

LG Chocolate Touch Pros

– AWESOME sound

– Great form factor

– Syncing music to the phone is very easy

– 1GB of memory built-in, and is upgradeable using a MicroSD card

LG Chocolate Touch Cons

– Not easy to get the pics & videos off the phone

– Music turns off while using some functions on the phone like the camera, but it resumes once that function is done.

-QWERTY keyboard is a plus, but also a con because it only pops up with the phone is turned sideways. That makes one-handed texting pretty difficult. When in portrait mode the keyboard is formed after a standard telephone keypad with 3 letters per number, so typing takes some concentration unless you are text savvy.

LG Chocolate Touch Summary

The LG Chocolate Touch is a great phone for the music lover in your life. It works well with stereo earphones, external speakers, with the built-in speaker or even in your car using a MP3 receiver or the Aux jack. It has decent phone function and the camera takes decent photos and has some cool functions. If you are looking for a cool, fun phone that can also serve as a great MP3 player, look no further than the LG Chocolate Touch.