jayden_on_computerReport card day was a couple of weeks ago. I started writing this post then, got distracted and forgot. I am finally finishing it. It left me walking around with a big pumped up chest. Uhh, ok… maybe just a pumped up chest. My girls are in first grade, but already they keep wowing the teachers with their smarts. I have said for a while that I believe that Alexis might be a reincarnation of a 45 year old Boston native. Why a Boston native you ask? Well, because she has always had this strange, deep, Boston accent. Everyone says so. Oh, and it has a slight twang like she spent time in NY. But, she has been in Chicago her whole short 6 years. It’s very cute, but also very puzzling.

Alexis’ teacher said that she struggles to keep Alexis challenged because she always breezes through whatever she has to do and aces it above all the rest. The other teacher insists that she is gifted, and after reading a description of how to tell a child is gifted at her age, I am inclined to agree. Check out this article from Babycenter.com: How to tell if your school-age child is gifted. I swear every one of those fit her.

Kayla fits of lot of them too. But Kayla is more artistic. She LOVES art and often gets into trouble for spending more time perfecting the artwork that goes along with her schoolwork than the words. The teacher has been great and allows her time to finish her pictures at times when she should be doing playtime or something. At only 4 years old she was drawing pics that you might think a 7 year old drew! She is very motherly and always cares about making her classmates feel better.

I am soooo proud of them! I can’t help but think that the boys are on the same path to be just like their sisters. They are now 3.5, and they have started getting homework! And boy were they excited about it. Kristopher said “Mommy, I have to go back to my chubby and get my homework! I am going to show this to the girls. This is MY homework!” Then as soon as he saw his Daddy, “Daddy, I have homework!”. LOL!! I think that is so cute. :0) I hope he maintains that enthusiasm.

Jayden is on he artistic path too, but with building. He loves to setup his train set and play with his Legos. He is very content just playing alone for extended lengths of time. He teacher said that he is kind of shy in school and does the same thing there. And he gets mad at his brother because Kris is more outgoing and runs off to play with the other kids. He also is definitely my kid because he loves the computer! That is his favorite thing in school. At home, although he is only 3 he will pull up a game on Nick Jr. or something and actually play it. I am stoked.

I know that this will be a looooong and interesting journey. I still keep thinking about the fact that I will have 4 teens at one time. Sigh…