nonameShe was an adorable little 8.9″ Netbook going on 1 year old. Yes… I sometimes think about upgrading her since there are newer models out with 11.6 inch screens, more RAM and bigger hard drives. But I have a huge crush on Pinky because after all… she’s pink! And the larger don’t yet come in pink (so I will have to settle for red).

But today… something horrible happened. I decided to trust my boys with playing games on it. Jayden was great. He played like a big boy, then… Destructo arrived (aka Kristopher) . He was ok at first, until he was left alone with her.

I came back up and didn’t pay too much attention, then I turned around and saw him sitting in front of it holding what best be called a toy bat, and then I looked at Pinky. See the pic to see what I found. Below is what she used to look like.

I hit Ebay asap to look up replacement screens, first the prices shocked me… well actually I expected what I saw which was ~$160. ┬áBut I think I will go with the Taiwan special and replace it myself. then decide her fate.

Kids… sigh…


In her heyday. Wasn’t she beautiful?