u16918367It was not the first time that the “Tooth Fairy” forgot to put the $$ under the pillow, but this time they were on to me. Alexis actually pulled her tooth in the car on the way home. When we got home I put it in a little envelope and told her to put it under her pillow.

Well… yes… I got busy and forgot! So the next morning at breakfast she said “Well I guess I have to wait until tomorrow to get my money.” I said “what money?” She said, “I did not get money under my pillow. I guess the tooth fairy was busy.” After the the rest of the convo was kind of a blur because I felt SO bad! I think one of them asked me “Mommy are you the tooth fairy?” I thought about it for a couple of minutes and I said “un huh”. There was a gasp and a “what??!?!”. We talked about me only being the tooth fairy for my own kids. ┬áThen Kayla said “Well, that makes a lot of sense and clears some things up. Because only a parent would forget to put the money under the pillow. They get so busy doing stuff and staying up late.” I marched upstairs, got $2 and handed it to Alexis. There was some more shock, then Alexis got a somber look on her face and said “But Mommy, you said that you needed more money to pay for the bills, so you need this money.” I said “it’s ok baby, you keep it!” (sniff, sniff)

HA!!! Need I remind you these people are 6 years old???? LOL!! I am in for it.