I absolutely love the conversations that I have with my kids in the car. I have learned a lot about Kristopher especially and all of his dreams and aspirations. He is only 3, but already he has a wide imagination and knows exactly what he wants to do! This post will be all about him and his great imagination. I will do more spotlights on the other kids soon.

Having 4 kids leads to many many many interesting discussions! Some of which should probably never be had. LOL

Here is his list of things that he must do as a 3 year old!

1. Ride a big horse with Mommy: “Mommy. I want to ride the horse with you. Can I hold on to you when i ride the horse? I will hold on tight so I don’t fall.”

2. “Skate Ice”: There is an ice rink that we pass by sometimes near their job. He saw them and decided that he wanted to do it too. “Mommy, can you skate ice? I want to know how to skate ice!

3. Ride an airplane: At only 3 years old, he and Jayden have ganged up and already they want to travel the world, starting with Disney World of course!

4. Learn to swim:

“Can you swim Mommy?”

“No, Kristopher. I can’t.”

“you can’t? but you are a grown-up!”

“I never learned.”

“Can Daddy swim?”

“Yes, he can swim a little bit.”

“Granny can swim. She will teach me how to swim. She can teach you too Mommy”

5. Ride an elephant: This one is because I rode an elephant as a kid and there is a photo showing it. So now he must do it too, while holding on to me of course. đŸ™‚

Everyday as we drive he talks about when we are going to do all of these things. The biggest one seems to be to learn to swim. I really need to start recording some of these conversations! He and Jayden sit in the back and talk like 2 old men rocking on the porch! This morning it was Kristopher saying “Mommy is a grown up. Daddy is a grown up too.” Jayden replies “No, he’s not! Daddy is not a grown up” They argued back and forth about it for 5 minutes!!

Just for kicks,  here is a cute video from their first birthday complete with messy cake: