This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Eye-Fi. All opinions are 100% mine.

UPDATE: EyeFi has a new, updated wireless card ready to work with your camera, The EyeFi Mobi Pro.

Yes, this is a sponsored post, but I actually do own an Eye-Fi, so when this opp popped up I jumped at the chance to write about it. Actually, I wrote a post about my Eye-fi a few months ago.

What exactly is an Eye-Fi? Eye-Fi is a wireless SD memory card with up to 4GB of memory PLUS built-in Wi-Fi. You install the Eye-Fi manager on your computer, and whenever your camera is turned on within range, the magic happens. As I mentioned before, I’m a photographer. I work a lot of events such a parties, family reunions, etc. and my gimmick is giving folks their photo within minutes. Before I would have to snap a photo, take the card out and pop it into my SD card reader or USB CF reader depending on which camera I was using. This was a bit slow and tedious as lines formed around me from people waiting!

My Eye-Fi  makes that job easy. I don’t have to worry about swapping out the cords, or remembering to bring my usb cable. I have an older version, so I had to go through hoops to create a wireless network by purchasing a small portable router but it works! Now as soon as I snap a picture within seconds it is on my computer. But, I am hoping to get my hands on the new Eye-Fi Pro which supports connecting the card directly to an ad-hoc network running on your laptop. I would love to test one of those bad boys. That would make me happy happy happy!! (Hint, hint… are you listening Eye-Fi? 🙂 ) That router is not all that reliable, so I would love to take it out of the equation.

I love my Eye-fi and I have no plans to go back to flipping memory cards back and forth!

Check out the below video for how Eye-Fi can help you quickly upload your photos: