Mobile broadband is recently popular. I posted not too long ago about CLEAR service and how it works in Chicago, but if you are traveling abroad, or you live in the UK, or not in another area of the US, you will need to find a service that works where for you. The short time that I had CLEAR I got completely spoiled. I loved being able to hop online with my netbook whenever and wherever I needed to get some work or blogging done asap. Mobile broadband has become fast and easy. Using Mobile broadband you are not tied down to a cord, nor do you need to seek out a Wi-fi hot spot. As long as you are in the coverage area, and have your USB Broadband modem installed, you can get online.

I think back now and think about how much having mobile broadband would have benefitted me on some jobs. There were times when i was out and I realized that I needed to download a driver for  a new printer, or look up some information for a customer, or just take someone on a tour of my website. Being able to jump online whenever I needed would have saved me a ton of hassle. I mentioned before that I am planning on getting a plan soon. I have not made a decision with who for sure yet.