Yep, you heard that right. Google made some changes a few days ago that were announced on the Google Docs blog. Users are now allowed to upload ANY FILE up to 250mb in size. This is huge. This is absolutely wonderful for collaboration. The email limit is only 25mb, so anything larger than that would have to be shared by some other means. Now Google has made it easy to share large files.

And don’t forget that you can access your Google docs from your iPhone! So, this means if you stick a file on Google Docs, you are carrying it around with you. I tested this out by uploading a simple text file, a jpg, and a small 109mb avi file. The text file and the jpg worked on my iPhone with no problem, but I got an error that Safari could not download the avi. Of course this is because QuickTime does not play that format. So the moral of the story is that this will work with any file that the iPhone actually supports. 🙂

I use Google docs quite a bit, and now for sure I will use it even more. Check out the What’s New doc to see all the features that you can use to your advantage.