Tickle Tap Apps is a cool company that Mom’s should love. Why? Because they completely understand that sometimes we have to keep out kids busy… even if it means letting them play with our iPhone! From their website:

Tickle, Tap, Laugh and Learn

Tickle Tap Apps are age-appropriate educational games preschoolers can play anywhere.

These apps for the iPhone and iPod Touch encourage learning through practice and exploration. All 10 apps in the series are designed to help children:

  • Improve coordination, concentration and motor skills
  • Practice preschool-level math, pattern, color and spatial concepts
  • Tap into creativity and curiosity

My kids and I were given the opportunity to review 2 cute apps for them. These apps are geared specifically for pre-school kids, so the 6 year olds were not all that interested. But my 3 year old boys caught on right away and would have played for hours if I let them. Here is a run down of the apps:

Field Flier is an imaginative app that lets preschoolers explore a day in the life of Robin the bird. Children tap the screen to show Robin where to fly. Along the way they discover where Robin likes to go and what Robin likes to do. Robin sings, swims in a pond, sits in a nest, hides in a tree, hops, dances and more! Accompanying voiceovers reinforce action words and help expand growing vocabularies. Field Flyer is an entertaining and open-ended learning adventure.

Making Robin fly around and do stuff was great fun until the game froze. This happened twice. But after that all was smooth sailing. Robin doesn’t do too much, but it still keeps the kiddies entertained. My favorite was making him dance with swinging on the swing a close 2nd. 🙂

Sound Shaker is the delightful and hilarious sound-making game. It lets children create and play with chime, whistle, drum, barnyard animal and mystery sounds by simply tapping and tilting. Repeated taps generate new sounds, while longer taps grow sounds and trigger surprise animations. Tilting makes sounds spin and collide in whimsical combinations. This highly intuitive musical app is also incredibly amusing.

  • Sound Shaker helps children:
  • Learn about sounds
  • Practice listening skills
  • Improve concentration

Sound shaker was my favorite. Although super simple, I loved the sounds and the different ball sizes that each gave a different sound.

Recommended for ages 3-5 Both apps are recommended for ages 3-5 and I think that’s perfect. I’m paranoid, so I watch my kids under very close scrunity when they play with my phone, but these are SO perfect for being out and waiting in the docs office, dentist office, or when they are in the car, or being pushed around in a shopping cart. All apps are reasonable, ranging from FREE – 1.99 in the App store.

Keep up the good work Tickle Tap Apps!