Anyone who has been reading my blog for a while knows that I had an issue with my iPhone warranty being void due to a tripped moisture sensor although my phone had never been wet. I fought Apple on it and eventually won, but it was a pain. And I might not have been so lucky. The AppleCare protection plan on the iPhone sucks and does not cover accidental damage. It only covers manufacturers defects.

Third party companies have caught on to this and started offering insurance for iPhones. This is great. iPhone Insurance from the Worth Ave Group DOES cover accidental damage including moisture damage. It also covers theft. The Worth Ave Group protects your iPhone whether it has been dropped, stolen, or damaged by liquid. You are covered up to the policy limit. Instead of paying Apple $199 to replace your phone, you can pay only a $50 deductible. It’s very affordable given what our phones mean to us. The annual prices are as follows:

$55 for 8GB
$63 for 16GB
$69 for 16GB 3GS
$79 for 32GB 3GS

You can buy insurance for your phone right now whether it is brand new or not. There is an indepth chart on their website that offers product comparison with the insurance of a couple of other companies.

The group also offers Laptop Insurance . This is also very reasonable. Prices start at as little as  $21 for a netbook. You can get up to $1500 of laptop insurance for as little as $44. You can also add-on insurance for items such as a cell phone (not iPhone), digital camera, iPod Touch, and more.

If you care about your gadgets, I say do it, and do it fast.

Disclosure: This was a sponsored post by the Worth Ave Group.