I used Vonage for a couple of years way back when it was brand new. I loved it and had very little problems. The problems that I did have were due to my internet connections which was also pretty new and not too reliable at the time. The only reason that I stopped using it at the time was because of the alarm system in my new house and it’s incompatibility with VoIP (another post all in itself). Sigh…

Why should you use VoIP ? Well the main reason is cost. VoIP customers save around 50% a month off their bills. And that is why I have been thinking about switching back. I do not use my home phone all that much anyway. ¬†And I think a fair amount of people these days are the same way. We are on the go so much that we want folks to reach us where we are, so we use our cell numbers. So, why pay your phone company more than you should? And guess what… with some VoIP services you can take your number with you!

How do you get started? You can start by comparing VoIP providers to see what matches your needs. You may even be able to keep your number! And some older phone services have not yet adapted the cool features like being able to check your call log and voicemails online, or even have the emailed to you.

So check it out today and start saving some money.