I have been doing some maintenance on my webhost and cleaning up old sites, databases, files, etc. Earlier today I goofed and nuked the database for this site. But, before I started I used the WordPress export tool in wp-admin to export all my posts, etc. (or so I thought). I had just done a complete database backup via sql 2 days ago so I felt well covered. So, I was not too worried when I had to restore the database from 2 days ago and then import the xml file to restore posts since then. Well, I soon found out that there is a major issue with the WordPress export function and it only had very, very old posts in it. I had a similar experience with my test site. I am quite mad. I luckily had only written 3-4 posts since then, but 2 of those were paid posts and now I have to rewrite them. Boo…

Just for sh*ts and giggles I wondered if Google might have had those posts cached already. They had every single page and post on my site cached except the ones that I need.

So,  I’m off to write those posts again.

BEWARE: Do NOT trust the WordPress export tool. I have seen some other complaints about the same on WordPress.org but have not found a solution yet.