Anyone who knows me knows that I am all about my calendar! You want a playdate with the kids? It goes on the calendar… photography job? On the calendar. When I am out and someone asks me if I can do something, I whip out my phone and check my calendar. I don’t always stick to the schedule, but it is a must knowing where the kids and I need to be and when.

Last year when I spoke at the Type-A Mom Conference I had the pleasure of getting a short demo of Cozi from Carol Schiller. I must say, Cozi is cool! It’s not just a Family Calendar. It is so much more. It’s all about family organization. For now, I will focus on the very cool calendar.

The Cozi calendar allows you to keep track of your schedule, Dad’s and each kids on a separate color-coded timeline. It is all about family sharing. You can easily send calendar appointments to family members via email, SMS, or even get desktop access with the Vista or Google sidebar gadget.

The coolest thing to me is that you can enter appointments in plain text and it will do a pretty dang good job of interpreting them and inserting it on your calendar. For example, I typed “alexis/kayla wed/thurs/friday/monday out of school” and it correctly inputted it on each person’s calendar, purple for Alexis and blue for Kayla.

You can view in either week view or month view, or jump to a specific date using the mini-calendar on the left. The calendar is large and easy to read, and the layout makes entering calendar appointments fun. Besides entering via plain text, you can double-click on a date which brings up an easy to use pop-up that allows you to enter specifics about an appointment including recurrence, whether it is all day or not, and any notes associated with that appointment.

If you are an Outlook Calendar user you will appreciate that Cozi lets you sync your online calendar with your Outlook calendar so that both are always in sync. Setting it up was easy and fast. During setup you have the option of syncing all of your appointments, only appointments outside of normal work hours, or to sync appointments on a case-by-case basis. Even if you set it to sync all appointments, you can easily omit one by simply changing a category.

And since I take my iPhone everywhere, i love that I can simply point my phone to and access the mobile calendar. Or Cozi can send appointment reminders as an SMS message.

I could go on and on about all the Cozi cool features, but I will stop here for now! Why? Because you need to know that Cozi wants to give you FREE groceries for a year just for checking out Cozi!! How?

1. Enter to win on Cozi’s site.
2. Be sure to enter by March 11, 2010
3. Gain extra entries for every friend that you refer during entry
4. Or gain extra entries by posting a button on your blog or Facebook page! Every click through is another entry for you (button code will be given to you during entry)

So, don’t wait. Join Cozi, start organizing your families life, and WIN FREE GROCERIES!



Disclosure: This is a paid post sponsored by Cozi, but I do love it!