Some people go to work Monday through Friday. While there if they do their job well and meet expectations, they get paid. For some, blogging IS their Monday – Friday (and weekends too) job. For others, blogging is a 2nd or 3rd job to supplement income or make ends meet. But, there is usually no steady income in blogging guaranteed every day like a 9 – 5. So how are bloggers paid? Some bloggers are paid to post content on other sites, some do paid posts through sites like Pay Per Post, Social Spark, Sponsored Reviews, etc. But again, this only works if the opps are there.

So how does a blogger REALLY get rewarded? A blogger feels rewarded when they know that they have done their job well. How do they know? Their readers let them know, right? You do don’t you??? Well, if you don’t, you should be.

1. The most obvious way is that if you read a post that helps you or touches you in some way, leave a comment and say thank you. Commenting also helps you promote yourself. Most bloggers that use WordPress these days have enabled their blogs with either Comment Luv, Disqus Comments, or another commenting system that allows follow links back to your own blog, which also helps you.

2. If you find a post helpful, retweet it, Digg it, Stumble it, link to it if you write your own post on the same subject, or share it on Facebook or Google Reader.

3. If you enjoy the blog, subscribe to the RSS feed, Networked Blogs, or Google Friend Connect.

These things will let the blogger know that they are doing their job and they will reward you, the reader by making sure that they keep providing quality content. In the end, this will greatly help the blogger out because…

If a blogger is looking to get paid to write content, or connect with companies to do reviews to share with you, the first thing that potential “employer” is going to ask for is the blog numbers. Questionnaires usually ask for number of blog subscribers, number of unique hits per month, number of page loads, Google page rank, Alexa ranking. You get the point.

Don’t be a hit and run reader. Think of it as tipping. You visit a nice restaurant, you get good service, you leave a tip. So… leave a tip on your favorite blogs today!

EDIT: Be sure to read the comments below. Supermomplace makes an excellent point about the bounce rate on blogs! This happens when someone reads but does not interact then leave. It’s called a “bounce” and systems interpret that to mean that the person did not like what they found on the blog, so they just left.