Last week, I wrote about the Cozi Calendar and how great it is for families on the go. This week, I want to talk about a great way to easily share family stories with friends or family. The awesome thing about your Cozi journal is that, unlike a blog it is super duper easy to keep the whole thing private and invite only select people to be able to view your journal rather than installing complicated passwords or plugins like you would have to do on some blogging software. This makes is perfect for teaching Grandma how to quickly keep up with the kids.

When you setup your journal you decide if you want it shared publicly, or if you want to keep it private. You also have the option of hiding your kids names in posts! This is really cool and useful for the privacy conscious.  So, if you are posting and you type “Today I took John to the dentist.” Cozi will change that to “Today I took J to the dentist.” So, if you forget, it changes it for you.

To share, you only need to give Cozi the email addresses of the folks that  you wish to share with. Easy as pie. Other awesome options include:

  • Sending out a monthly newsletter automatically so you don’ t have to. The newsletter arrives looking just like your journal, in colorful, easy to read html format.
  • Facebook connect to automatically post your Cozi journal stories to your Facebook wall
  • Twitter connect to automatically tweet a URL your Cozi journal entries

I would love to see the ability to be able to change the look of the journal. Right now it is the default Cozi look, which does look pretty nice, but I could totally see folks using this like a blog since it’s all built in with the calendar, and to do list, and shopping lists, and even dinner ideas. And with that comes the wish to be able to change the look.

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Disclosure: This is a paid post by Cozi.