It came to my attention that my contact page was not working for a couple of days. It was totally my fault. This is what happens when you fix/change things late at night and then forget the next morning.

I have started to get a fair amount of spam via my contact page. Not even real spam either. I will never understand the purpose of just sending a message that goes “d7fr89hfoerienrxx978j3ree”. Umm yeah. Anyway…. I had disabled Contact Form 7 to find one that did captcha. The one that I found (which i will let remain nameless) was hideous, so I disabled it and forgot to reenable Contact Form 7.

It is fixed now. I saw that a couple of folks had repeatedly tried to load my contact page yesterday, and then flipped over to the PR/Ad page. I was hoping that was to get my email address, but I have gotten no messages! Perhaps it was bots. Who knows.

But, if you were trying to contact me, please try again.