I love looking at my stats. Not because I am obsessed with the numbers, but because the searches that bring people to my page are sometimes very interesting. There are the usual and expected ones like:

Don’t Leave Us With the Babies – Great commercial. And being a twin mom, I can relate. If you have not seen it, watch it here. I am pretty surprised that my site is #1 that pops up on this search. Not Youtube, but here. Wow.

iPhone Moisture Sensor – This is of course because of my post last year that drew a lot of attention.  Search for that and again, my site is #1. That one post is registered at being viewed well over 5,000 times, but it is actually much more. When I changed hosts/themes a while ago, that counter started over.

Twitter Parties – I pop up at #3 for my post “Twitter Parties & #hashtags

Then there are a few funny ones like the one that popped up earlier today. This is just insane! Here goes…

Girl Shampoos Boyfriend in Bubble Bath – Umm, what?????? Why in the world did that bring up my site? I have the right combo of words on my site, but still. I’m #4 on that one! And umm, why were you searching for that? Huh??? You know who you are!

And there are those that try to get over…

Can you use whiteout to paint over water sensor iPod – Umm, no. And there have been similar searches asking about bleach. I’m sure these things would only make it worse!

And the ones in which the grammar makes you go “huh?”

twitter wondering who this is chrome error – Very strange combo of words. I hope they found what they were looking for!

These are just a few of my favorites. There have been some doozies before that I did not save. But I will from now on. Do you keep track of your search stats? If not, you should! You might get a good laugh. 🙂