IMG_6433If you read my blog, you know that I occasionally mention my fetishes (purses, boots, gadgets (especially USB keys) and jewelry! Another fetish that I have is for mechanical pencils. I only write with pens when I have to! But, that does not mean that I don’t love them and have a ton. So, I was excited when the opportunity to host a party for Paper Mate came up. On Friday, February 12, I hosted a party for some mom friends. Not everyone showed because weather in Chicago at this time of year really SUCKS, but we had a great time.

My kids were there, and my bestest came with her 2 kids. My baby sitter and her little sister were there, so we had 6 little ones running around while we enjoyed some Mommy time. We watched the commercial, tried out our pens and pencils and generally had a ball.


I added a nice spin on it and had a friend come and give the moms’ a much needed massage. Mom’s are stressed you know! If  you are in Chicago and need a good massage look him up!

Paper Mate sent out a box full of goodies which included mechanical pencils, a variety of pens, pads, recipe cards, game ideas, and recipe ideas for the party. The products included were:

o    Paper Mate Gel Pen – The ink is bright and smooth, water resistant for vibrant lasting color.
o    Paper Mate Design Pen – Fashionable designs on durable metal barrels with a comfort grip and superior writing system that provides smooth intense writing – not only looks good, it writes well.
o    Paper Mate Biodegradable* Pen and Mechanical Pencil – *A majority of its components are made from corn-based material and will biodegrade in backyard soil or home compost in about a year.  Disassembly instructions are provided on packaging.  It also features a superior writing system for smooth, intense writing.
o    Paper Mate Silhouette Mechanical Pencil – A sleek hourglass shape with a soft-touch, full-length grip to provide comfort where you hold it, and a side advance system for continuous writing in a mechanical pencil.

I think that it was a very cool idea for Paper Mate to premier their new commercial in this way. We were supposed to watch it during the Winter Olympics, but luckily we were also allowed to watch it on Youtube, which was awesome for the latecomers. Here is the commercial:

I thought that the commercial fit in well with the Olympic theme. It was not too long or complicated, and it was clear what product it was about. I have to admit that some commercials that I know are funny, or we hear that the company has spent a bunch of $$ on putting them together, I laugh and laugh but by the end commercial, I know that I liked it, but I cannot remember what product it was for! The commercial, you could not forget that it was for Paper Mate, and that was cool.

Here are a few comments from my guests:

“I have always loved papermate pens so I look forward to new products.  These particular products are true to the papermate name smooth designs and writing.  The commercial had lots of color and kept my attention.”

“The commercial got my attention immediately because of the orange gel pen.  Anything orange makes me take notice, even if only for a second.  The rest of it was pretty forgettable, except for the part about the biodegradable pen.  I thought that was pretty cool. 2.  The pens write really smooth and feel good in my hand.  The pencil is a cool color, and that makes it harder for them to be “appropriated” by anyone else because nobody else has one.”

“While it did keep in theme with the Olympics, it did not make me want to rush out and get the pens. I am a HUGE fan or orange, so I was excited abou an orange pen that seemed o write smooth. It would have been nice to see the pen in action on paper int he commercial, but otherwise it was not memorable. i really like the biodegradable pens and pencils. i think its an awesome concept that is long overdue. that being said, i was hoping the items in the commercial would be in the bag. the blue pens do write really smooth though, and that makes me really happy.”