A few weeks ago on National Clean Up your computer day I wrote about the importance of keeping your PC running smoothly. Since then, I have had a chance to do a test run with System Mechanic by iolo. Years ago I used to shy away from tools such as this because there were a lot of questions about whether or not we test trust anything that claims to magically or automatically find and fix problems with our computer.

Well times  have changed. Now we are all about being fast and automated. System Mechanic 9.5 does not disappoint. It runs very fast and smooth and provides several tools for speeding up your PC. Using it you can fix errors, crashes, and freezes, boosts internet speed, restores system stability, cleans out clutter and junk files, plugs security holes, and more.

I installed it on my netbook and the installtion happened without a problem. I was not sure how it would run given that it is a netbook and not as powerful as some other machines, but when I scanned my machine for problems it was done in record time.

One unique function of System Mechanic is that is allows the ability to set automatic fixes. They can this ActiveCare.What is ActiveCare?

iolo’s patent-pending technology is distinctive in the PC tune-up industry; no other product offers this level of intelligent computer maintenance.

ActiveCare works in the background – while your PC is on but not in use – to check your computer’s condition. Then when a problem is detected, it’s automatically repaired: your PC is kept in peak condition without ever interrupting your work. By only running the fixes that are needed and only running when your PC is idle, ActiveCare surpasses the schedule-based features in other programs.

You can enable this for a variety of functions such as cleaning up system clutter, fixing registry problems, and repairing hard drive errors. These tasks will then run automatically based on the options that you set.  Default appears to be to limit ActiveCare operations to once every 6 hours. Also, it will start only after you have been away from the computer for xx minutes (default: 20 min). And by far the coolest function of this (for me anyway), is the ability to set it to email you a report when it runs. So, even if you are away, you will know that your system is clean and tidy!

System Mechanic can be purchased from the iolo site for $39.95. If you worry about your computer running up to par, and you are not sure what to check, pick it up. It takes the guess and worry out of maintaining  your PC.

Disclosure: I was given a 1 year license for System Mechanic to test out the software.