I think I was watching Medium, and Joe was trying to drum up some friends for play dates with Bridgette because she having trouble adjusting and they thought that she needed more friends. He made call after all and kept getting shot down by the parents because their 6 year olds were so busy. I remember a quote “Uhh, no… Bridgette does not have an online calendar.” But how true is this? I am thinking it’s pretty accurate these days.

I have a calendar to keep up with what my kids have to do.  And you bet I would have to schedule that playdate! It only makes sense. Moms are busy with work, errands, keeping thing straight at home. Kid activities have to be scheduled or no one will remember where anyone is supposed to be!

For example… today is Saturday, but my girls have a field trip for a special program that they are in called Cool Classics at school. It’s a very cool program (no pun intended) in which the learn about classic books and take trips related to them. They really love it! And i think it is really helping them excel. But… it’s still Saturday!!

Anyway, if you do not currently keep a calendar for your kids, get one! It’s the in thing. 🙂