Like a lot of people these days I wear glasses. I have since I was a kid. I have insurance through work which gets me an exam and one pair of eyeglasses every 2 years, but even with that I usually pay $75 – $100 for a pair. The last pair that I got at the “real glasses store” were painted metal frames and they started to chip after a couple of months. I took them in to see if they would do anything about it, and they wanted me to pay like $65 to repair glasses that I had only paid $75 for!

So, enter Zenni Optical. I currently have 2 pair of glasses from there. I love them. The quality is really, really good. I started researching an alternative to getting glasses from the doc’s office after the above incident and when I realized that my kids can be very  hard on my glasses. At the time my boys were much younger and they loved to grab them and pull them, rip them off of me, etc. BABIES AND GLASSES DO NOT MIX.

I was web searching one day and found a blog about getting cheap eyeglasses. Zenni Optical was featured on the page and looked like the best option so I gave it a try. There is a great in depth review of Zenni Optical by Eric Hammer on that you must read before you order.

I paid a total of $32.80 including shipping for 2 pair of glasses! This was one year ago this month and they still look as good as new. I got one “fancy” pair that is pink with rhinestones and pink tint that I wear when I want to be cute (pictured above), or when it’s a bit sunny. I also got one simple black frame pair with clear that I usually wear at home (see below).

If you get your exam professionally done, you just need to remember to ask them for a copy of your prescription. There are also detailed instructions on the Zenni site on how to measure your current frames or eyes so that you can tell what will fit your face well when you browse the site and choose frames.

The one improvement that I would love to see on the site is one of those virtual modeling functions so that we can upload a pic of ourselves and “try out” the glasses. That would be really cool. But other than that,  I love the site. I will definitely get all my glasses there from now on. I have recommended them to tons of people already, so now I am recommending them to you!

If you are in the market for glasses, check them out.