is a cool website for kids that allows them to role play. After you log in, you get to choose “avatar” (character). The characters are cute and bubbly and would definitely appeal to kids. You also choose the world (server) that you want to visit. The way the game goes is based on which world you choose. There are over 3 dozen servers to choose from. Some seem to be more popular than others. Some of the worlds include Amber Antelope, Lava Gerbil, Maroon Moose, Olive Otter, Torquoise Turtle, White Seal, and many more.

Once you choose the world you are greeted by one of the characters sharing announcements. You can read through them, or close it to get started. Characters can do things like go shopping for furniture, helmets, and more. There is a cafe, a beach, a photo booth… all kinds of interesting things for kids to click on and check out.

Since today is St. Patricks Day, I was greeted by a cute (ok, kinda creepy LOL) littleĀ leprechaun that invited me to a St. Patricks Day party.

The best feature of this game to me is that parents have control over a major privacy feature, the chat. If turned on, users can chat with others that are currently on the server. Parents can turn this option off if they do not want to allow that ability.

Send your kids on over to to check it out today! The site is FREE to use, however they do offer some advanced features with a premium membership.