Hallmark has jumped into the iPhone app market with a new fun app to keep us occupied. The suite is called fun@work. It includes a cool game called LingoBingo!, some film shorts called Days of the Week in which cute little characters move around their offices and face the trials of the day at work. It also includes a link to the hoops&yoyo blog, and a link to Join the Facebook page.

Lingo Bingo! includes the options to play alone, play with pals, edit lingo, or tell your friends. Edit lingo is cool. Depending on where you work you can change to to office lingo, medical lingo, sports lingo, and teacher lingo. You play bingo using donuts to cover the words as they are called out.

My favorite is the Days of the Week shorts. I love the voices on the characters! They are very entertaining and cover the days of the week in interesting ways. They include It’s MONDAY, tuesday treat day!, sarcastic wednesday!, second-guess thursday!, i-don’t-car friday!, and spastic-colon sunday!

The app can be downloaded for FREE from the App store.