That might be no big deal to some, but umm… it’s a big deal to me. You see, my mother barely touches the cell phone that I gave her. She has my old Palm Treo 680. Nice phone… if you know how to use it. But she doesn’t really. She barely even makes calls. As a matter of fact… here is a conversation that I have had on my mother on more than one occasion:

Me: “Ma, why didn’t you answer your cellphone?”

Ma: “It’s not turned on.”

Me: “Uhh.. ok. Why not?”

Ma: “No one ever calls me.”

Me: “Well no… can’t do that if your phone is not on.”

More convos have eluded to the fact that she thought (ok, this was a few years ago), that by just having her phone on, she would be charged in some way! She’s over that now… I think.

So yes, it was a miracle that she sent me a text today. 2 actually! Way to go Ma. 🙂