I will be leaving on a jet plane… Thanks to the wonderful folks at Ebay and Kijiji that I have been delighted to work with I will be attending the first ever Kijiji Ambassador’s Day at the Ebay headquarters on Monday. I am very excited!! I have never been to Cali before, so that in itself is enough excitement. But to actually get to see behind the scenes at Ebay?? Wow!! I am very stoked about the opportunity they have given me, and I can’t wait.

What the heck is Kijiji you ask?? Kijiji is Ebay’s version of Craig’s list, but much better! Why better? It has none of the bloat, and “other” content that you do not want to rummage through. It is a much cleaner, easier experience. So far I have only sold one thing on there, but I plan to do much more! I need to do some major spring cleaning. If you have not checked it out already, check out Kijiji.comf.

There is a great list of other bloggers and professional organizers also attending. The full list is:


    • Selfish Mom – Amy Oztan (NYC)
    • Little Tech Girl – Kris Cain (Chicago)
    • Tree, Root & Twig – Stacey Anne Nerdin (Houston)
    • Living as Mom – Tiffany Morrison Dockery (Atlanta)
    • eBay Tech and Toy Director – Cat Schwartz (LA)
    • SV Moms Group – Linsey Krolik (San Jose)
    • Once a Month Mom – Tricia Callahan (Dayton, OH)
    • Green and Clean Mom – Sommer Poquette (Petoskey,MI)
    • Five Dollar Shake – Jennifer Padgett (Detroit, MI)

Professional Organizer Spokespeople:

    • Chaos to Order – Monica Friel (Chicago)
    • Creative Order – Suellen Germani (Atlanta)
    • Squared Away – Julie Hibbs (Houston)
    • Gotham Organizers – Lisa Zaslow (NYC)
    • KD Organizing – Karen DeClark (Detroit)
    • No Wire Hangers – Julie Naylon (LA)

I can’t wait to see what they have up their sleeves for us! I will be back on Tuesday afternoon and I am sure that I will have much to share.