It’s been about a week since I got back from San Jose. Since that time I have been thinking a LOT about how to put my experience into words. But it ain’t easy! As you will see, I started writing most of this post while I was on the plane on the way back. I am tweaking from there…

I am sitting on American Airlines flight 828 right now headed back to Chicago after an awesome couple of days in San Jose. The folks at Ebay & Kijiji could not have been nicer. I did not expect such an enriching experience. They get it… big time. The agenda showed that. I thought it would be more of a “Hey, we want you to do this for us” kind of thing. But in reality, it was quite the opposite. The experience that we were given was one of “Here is how we can help you.” We got tips from an SEO expert and tips on monetizing our blogs. The speakers told personal stories to keep us interested. And they had great senses of humor. There was even a successful distraction technique applied involving orange shoes.

Just to recap for those that might be lost. Are you still saying “What the heck is Kijijji?” Kijiji is owned by Ebay. Yeah, I think that says enough. They are big time. Kijiji is Ebay’s online classifieds platform. They are huge overseas and huge in Canada. We are hoping to make them huge here in the US.

What the heck am I doing talking to Kijiji? I worked with them on a couple of things last year. They were awesome. So, when I was asked if I was interested in working with them again (and possibly again) of course I said yes!

I arrived on a beautiful sunny Sunday afternoon.  I was one of the first ones to reach the hotel, so I had the joy of working out some kinks for the rest of the team while checking in. Once that was done I checked out my beautiful room. And I mean STUNNING. The best hotel room that I have been in so far.  I took some pics before I touched it and messed it up.


I then ventured outside onto beautiful Santana Row. There are plenty of stores, shops, and restaurants. I settled on a shrimp Caesar salad for lunch. I ate that in my room and took a much needed nap. I got a call about an hour or so later waking me up (it’s ok Andrea!) and inviting me to dinner with the M Booth team and @5_dollarshake. Poor Jennifer’s luggage was lost in transit because of a missed connecting flight (for the luggage… not her), but she was a trouper and went to dinner with us anyway. We hit a Mexican restaurant right up the street.  The fresh made guacamole was excellent. I am a big fan of well-made guacamole.

Dinner will full of stories and laughs. Those two (@AndrewRossi & Andrea of M Booth) are really, really great! I could totally see myself just hanging out with them. You know I love my funny geeky types. J Although, there was a tweet about Andrea maybe not being quite so geeky after a fight with a computer at Kinkos. J

After dinner I got a great visit from an old friend whom I have known for over 9 years but never met in person. Trish is one of my CAM/PAM/Twin Mommy buddies. Go ahead… say what???   I have blogged before about my start in social media and all the friendships that I have made from it.  Well Trish is one of those lasting friendships. We met on iVillage and have talked online ever since. We sat outside and talked for over an hour. It was cold, and I was exhausted. I sat with my camera right next to me and never took not one photo! I could not believe it when I got back to my room. The plan was to hook up with her again the next night, but Kijiji had our schedule pretty much filled up until bedtime. We had breakfast at 6 am! We took a bus to the Ebay campus, we listened, we learned, we shared, we ate, we drank… well I did not drink much. On 2 different occasions I had a damn bug fall into my drink. I figured that it was not meant for me to have one. Sigh..

Kijiji Ambassadors Crew

After a long day I believe that I was knocked out around 9:15. So sorry Trish! But I’m sure that I will be back. J And next time I will stay longer!

I was in a cab with @greenmom at 5:45 am. We were both on the same plane to Chicago, although she ditched me and upgraded to first class. 😀 But I was happy! I had a MUCH better seat on this flight than on the flight to San Jose…

and I got some stunning pics to show for it…

I wish I knew which mountain this is

I have so much awesome info to share about this trip. This post is currently over 800 words! I will probably have like 2 more posts discussing my experience in specifics.
If you read all of this… thank you! 🙂 And thank you to the Ebay and Kijiji teams, the M Booth team, Andrew & Andrea and Alyssa who was holding things down in NY. Hmm… Triple AAA. They need their own logo.